Emulate Optical Discs

Daemon Tools lets you burn disc data to your computer. This means that you don’t have to continuously insert a given CD/DVD or Blu-ray disc into your drive in order to run it. The information it needs to play will have already been copied to your desktop. What this also means is that you can protect your original discs as they can be put safely away so that they don’t wear down over time.

Always a few clicks

Daemon Tools is fully integrated with Windows. The virtual drives you create will behave like any other disc drive, and you need only double-click to start running any disc data. The program is very helpful and users will find that if there is anything they’re unsure of they can click on the icon in the system tray.

Safe & Secure

Sometimes a disc you wish to copy is digitally protected to prohibit infringement and illegal distribution. If this is the case Daemon Tools has ways of getting around it safely. It is compatible with the likes of Safedisc, Laserlock and many other corporations securing disc data. What’s more is that it disallows you install unsafe applications, checking every disc for suspicious information before it copies anything.